Understand (your) Staff Behaviour (USB)

Universal Serial Bus (USB) is used mostly to connect computers to peripheral devices such as cameras, camcorders, printers, scanners, and more.

Similarly, Understanding your Staff Behaviour is the only mode to ” connect the services rendered by the management to our customers”.

Employee behaviour is defined as an employee’s reaction to a particular situation at the workplace.
Employees need to behave sensibly at the workplace not only in order to gain appreciation and respect from others but also to maintain healthy work culture.

Organizational culture is formalized by the management and the same needs to be oriented to our staffs for a better understanding of the deliverables when it comes to customer service and maintaining organization standards. Management holds the sole responsibility when it comes to staff behaviour and the impact created from it. Management should start considering themselves as one among the staffs rather than one step ahead of them. Treating the employees based on the hierarchy is not the right attitude to run the organization successfully.

As mentioned above, Universal Serial Bus is also capable of holding back up memory ; similarly, our Staff Behaviour creates the impression of organization standards in our customer memory.

Universally most organizations feel their staff behaviour is not adequate and hence the customer services are not delivered to the required standards.


Do you really feel so in your place?

One who understands the organizational culture would agree that staff behaviour is not the only factor determining quality of service. Process alignment and consistency in maintaining protocols & standards are the major factors to upgrade the healthcare industry standards and staffs are the backbone to carry forward and present the same efficiently and effectively. Without proper process alignment, staffs would not be able to deliver the standards. Standardization of process and staff behaviour are similar to two sides of the coin which has its own value and interconnected in providing a pleasing customer experience and satisfaction at its best.

If process standards are not streamlined and management expects staff to deliver their customer service will lead to lack of productivity because of no clarity in their Job description which in turn results in absenteeism and leading to workplace misbehaviour.

Start Understanding (your) Staff Behaviour and the factors impacting the same is very important for ensuring a better customer experience and customer satisfaction !!! 

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