ECG (Effective Communication Goal)

ECG (Electro Cardio Gram) device helps to assess the heart rate and rhythm to keep human life healthy, similarly ECG (Effective Communication Goal) skills help to keep our communication lively and maintain healthy relationship between the inter and intra customers.

Effective Communication Goal (ECG) in healthcare plays the vital role as it is the only mode of communication which conveys the assurance of proper care taken by the institution when it comes to clinical or non-clinical functions. Healthcare provides the clinical care in an effective way, however the services rendered are expressed / conveyed to the customers only through proper channel of communication.

ECG (Effective Communication Goal) in healthcare ensures the required services are delivered on time with proper mode of communication to our customers in order to feel their experience lively and well informed on the functions.

An instance for the poor mode of communication:

A person got admitted in the hospital for delivery. She got hospitalised for 5 days, during those days she was having the food which was provided by the hospital. Whenever she checked for the tiffin box, she found a menu paper lying on the side of the box. The F&B guy who delivered the food keeps the menu paper without informing the concern person.
The day before her discharge, one of the F&B guys actually met the patient and enquired about the menu for dinner. By that time, the patient was curious enough to understand the purpose of paper kept near the box. The F&B guy explained then, those are the food menu on daily basis and you could actually pick food of your choice and inform canteen for your order.

All those 4 days she was under the impression that food delivered are based on the Dietitian recommendation but it was not. Later she realised that since there were no order placed from her end, the canteen guys delivered the food of their choice.
What went wrong in this instance?


This is the major factor which determines the failure of Effective communication. As the above instance states that the patient delivered a baby and basically there should be a recommendation of food menu from Dietitian and the same
needs to be conveyed to the patient by the person who delivers the food. Since there was a communication gap and no proper channel of communication with the patient / patient attender and the management, services were not render as recommended.

Effective Communication Goal is to kill all these gaps to ensure the messages are conveyed effectively to the customers in order to feel their positive experience with our healthcare in an effective way.

Communicate effectively to keep our conversation lively ☺

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